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Whether you'd like to install a new window in your front door or make a beautiful focal point in your living room, Giacomo's Stained Glass can create a tranquil setting with the elegant look of stained glass windows. Many private homes use stained glass in front doors, windows, side glass panels, transoms and even in the attic windows.

Romeo painting embedded in stained glass window by Giacomo Stained GlassIt used to be that stained glass windows were found principally in churches. These windows often used designs painted onto the glass (see "Romeo" at right).

The less complex "leadlight" windows used in other buildings had no painted objects but were composed of pieces of glass cut into regular geometric shapes. Today, we often use the term "stained glass" to refer to any windows using coloured glass.

From the 1860s to the 1930s leadlight windows were a regular architectural feature in many private houses and cottages. Architectural styles that use stained glass elements include Tudor, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts.

Whether you are remodeling one of these older homes, or creating an elegant new living space, Giacomo's Stained Glass can create stained glass can add beautiful detail to your home or workplace in many ways:

  • Hang a stained glass sun catcher in front of a window. These can be small or large and are easily hung from a hook on a ceiling.

  • A stained glass window in the bathroom can add a feeling of luxury and tranquility as you unwind from the pressures of the day

    stained glass in bay window created by Giacomo's Stained Glass
  • Stained glass inserts for your kitchen or china cabinets can be a breathtaking addition. Choose large inserts that take up most of the door for the most dramatic effect, or install small stained glass ovals for a more subdued look.

  • Add drama to a bay window

  • Panels of stained glass surrounding a door can create a dramatic entry to your home.

  • Create memorable office decor with a stained glass door or window inset with an image of the work you do.
  • Give a special gift -- a stained glass suncatcher with a holiday theme!

Visit Giacomo's Stained Glass Gallery page to see more examples.


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